Hey Rocky,

Avnie and I wanted to give you a special thanks for the awesome job you did at our wedding!! You rocked out the sangeet night and had everyone up on their feet dancing the whole time at the Cosmo. The baraat was fantastic and you helped pump in that energy level for an unforgettable trip down Bellagio Drive =)

You were extremely helpful from the day we started talking and we really appreciate all the help you put here in Houston for planning the events and also flying up to Vegas to make sure everything would flow smoothly for the events you were dj’ing and even other ones.

You were easy to work with and prompt about getting back with whatever questions we had. Also the dances and the program at the sangeet flowed seamlessly with the work you put in with my sister and the MC’s.

Thanks again for everything and looking forward to using DJ Rocky’s skills at our next events!!

Take care and see you soon,
Pankaj & Avnie


Rocky –

Thank you for exceptional DJ service at Gujarati Samaj of Houstonโ€™s New Year Eve Party on December 31st 2013. Our party of 500 guests was very pleased with your performance. We also were pleased with the colorful lightings synchronized with music and the Saxophone, Dhol and Tabla players along with special party favors such as neon lights and confetti. You made the crowd stay on dance floor non-stop for almost 4 hours until 1:30 AM. We also want to recognize the amount of equipment you brought with you which also provided music at our bar and meet and greet lobby area. We are pleased to recommend anyone who would like your services with a 5 Star rating. Going forward, we would like you to be the DJ at other events.


Bharat Parikh
Event Coordinator Gujarati Samaj of Houston.
Executive Committee Member

Thanks man
My whole family would like to thank you and your crew for the exceptional job you did. As always you made sure that every person no matter age was on the dance floor. All we can say is absolutely amazing. You were so good that our party ran 5 hours longer than planned and you had no issue with that.  Professional in all parts and a game changer in the business. Keep up the good work and you know we will call you for our future events.

Thanks for the email.  We both are still flying high from the excitement and energy from our wedding weekend. The reception was the “best party I’ve ever been to…”  You are truly a master at what you do.  Everyone from my family and Niki’s family has commented on how amazing the DJ was…  Seriously.  Truly deserve a huge thank you to you and your team for everything.
We hope to see you again…  You’re the man!
Your Friends,
Niki & Yash

Hi Rocky,
 I would like to thank you so much for the Music and the services. The outcome of the party was great and all our guests danced till the end . The awesome numbers played by you and your team were amazing and kept the crowd on their feet.
The lighting in the hall was amazing and it really highlighted the venue which would have otherwise looked very ordinary and made it a great ambience. The sound system was flawless and not to mention that you and your team added a lot of variety and helped pop up the party with your ideas and MC ing .
I would definately opt for you compared to any other DJ as you participated in the event as if it were your own. Great team work and very helpful and co operative . Keep going .
You Rock !!!!!

DJ Rocky really knows how to bring life to a party! He made the baraat one of the most memorable and exciting parts of our four-day Indian wedding (even dealing with the hotel organizers who were concerned about volume, etc.). His team brought energy and life even to the prayers and the welcome party. The guests LOVED the dhol and the saxophone players — they added a lot of fun to the entire four days. Rocky also did some fun games at the sangeet and reception that kept guests on the floor and having a good time. Thanks for a great time, Rocky!
Sunaina and Matt

Hi Rocky,

Thank you very much for your DJ’ing! Everybody LOVED it! They raved about how you kept the energy going so well, and they truly enjoyed the evening. We especially loved the little things you did, like the girls vs guys dance, the little pump ups in the middle, we really enjoyed it. Everyone was talking about it on the cruise and even the Sunday when they were leaving. Definitely keep in touch, we would love to have you for any future events! I mean, Rehana’s aunt is still cougaring for Jason, she even had to send another picture to her because she kept asking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Riaz & Rehana

Hi Rocky,
Thanks for your kind note. The wedding was great; we’re thrilled to be married and had a fantastic time at the wedding!
You brought a ton of energy and enthusiasm to the event. The baraat in particular is something we will never forget– great memory.
All the best,

Hi Rocky,

Thanks so much for making our wedding so fun and memorable! Lalit and I, along with our family and friends thoroughly enjoyed your work throughout all of our events. No matter what time of day, you had our guests on their feet at all times! People of all backgrounds and ages were able to appreciate your selection of music and really get down! I also have received rave reviews of the dhol players, tabla player and all the percussion items you were able to bring to the events. This really added a special touch to our wedding and brought the energy levels to an all time high! Thanks again for a job very well done!!

All the best,

Hi Rocky!

Thank you so much! Everyone had a blast! People are still emailing me and texting me and facebook messaging me about how much fun they had at the wedding – thank you so SO SO much for everything you did from coordinating with the quartet and to staying so late and playing music until 3:15 in the morning!

I can’t believe the dance floor was still full at 3am. crazy. I had so much fun and so did Darsit – thank you so much for being a part of our wonderful memory.

My friends really enjoyed the AC/DC and Madonna, MJ mixes – so thank you for making that happen! I had a few people come up to me and tell me that the music was really fun and different than most receptions, so thank you!!



Dear Rocky,

First and foremost, thank you so much for a fantastic weekend. The wonderful reviews that lead us to you didn’t do you justice! We had a blast thanks to you, and we have received so many compliments on you behalf. Our guests were truly impressed with your prowess and energy for all of our events.

We hope that you will keep up the great work you do of making people happy and helping them to celebrate a truly joyous time in their lives. If there is anything we can do to help please feel free to call on us. We don’t have much to offer (free medical advice, place to crash in Durham!) but we offer it with the greatest enthusiasm! If you every need someone to make a sales pitch on your behalf just send them to me!

Thank you for making our wedding a dream for the two of us, our friends, and our family!


Sway and Diana

Hey, this is Smita. We were at Nealโ€™s wedding last weekend. My husband and I are telling our friends in Los Angeles, that you were the best DJ ever and totally made the party!! You need to be in Hollywood!

Thanks so much, we had a great time! Loved the little lights you used on the dance floor!

Smita Vasant

Rocky– truly there are no words to express how thankful I and our families are for your hard work, attention to detail, and most importantly how you put your heart and soul into your work. We have heard from many many people how this wedding was the ‘best wedding’ they’ve been to and it was in no small part due to the incredible music and energy. Truly this was the best day of my life. Thank you !


Nilika (Mrs. Singhal!!!);)

Hey Rocky!

just got back from Thailand and catching up on emails. Thailand was awesome! played w/ a baby elephant on the beach, got lots of massages, got ringside seats Thai boxing, and even took Thai cooking lessons ๐Ÿ™‚

Pratik and I cant believe how amazing you were the day of the wedding! His family and friends said they had never been to a more fun Baraat in their lives! I saw pictures, and the outfit you wore for the mobile baraat was awesome! It really kept the whole atmosphere festive ๐Ÿ™‚ His groomsmen told me you pulled a couple of tricks to make the music go for longer at the baraat, even when the Hotel staff started telling you to turn it off. Pratik’s one request was to have an exceptional baraat, and I know he got that, because of you!

As far as the reception, what can I say? you kept the dance floor going until 2:30am! and the only reason it stopped is because the police were kicking us out!!! even then, you asked to keep the music going for half an hour longer! I really appreciated that because as a bride, I had not had that much time to hang out with all of my friends the whole weekend, and that extra half an hour was really important to me ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks again,


Hello Rakesh,
Sorry for the delay. We were in Portugal for our honeymoon.
We are re-living the wedding from our pictures and video.

The wedding music was amazing.
You got uncles and aunties that normally sit on the sidelines dancing.
What was enjoyable was the range in music. You had something that the
uncles and aunties enjoy as well as our friends and cousins. From
English to Indian – the blending was perfect. Never a dull moment.

Everybody has been telling us their feet were hurting from the amount of
dancing they did at our wedding. Thanks!!

If you ever need a recommendation, let us know.
Take care


I am not sure if you remember me or not, but I met you on December 27 at
Malti Tewari’s wedding (Malti is my cousin).

Anyhow, as I told you that night, my entire family was incredibly impressed
by your “DJing” abilities (in fact, my legs hurt for two days after the
wedding reception…literally :->).

Rocky, thanks for being the entertainment at my party.  Currently, I’m in Atlanta visiting friends and I am hearing many people tell me they are so happy for me, along with how much fun they had.  The resounding message I have heard from 3 different sources, and I quote:
“Your wedding was a blast.  AND DJ Rocky was the shit!”
“Every wedding needs a “Hype Man” like DJ Rocky.  I just got married last year and wish I had him at our wedding.”
“Where did you find DJ Rocky?  Just when I couldn’t handle another hour of partying after 3 days.  He made me want to dance.”
That Rocky let me know we made the right decision.  I was too busy to recognize everything going on, yet everyone remembered you.  You are a true professional at your craft.  I know this was a Indian wedding, however I know, and my guests agree, you are a true entertainer valuable across all cultures.  Go for it all.  Thanks again!


THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!!! It’s been three weeks since our wedding weekend and we are still getting compliments on the music. I could hear the barat from the second floor where I was hiding out. The uncles in charge are still “complaining” that they couldn’t get people to come into the hall for the wedding because they wanted to continue dancing in the barat!! The music at the cocktail hour was truly unique and set a good atmosphere. And I can honestly say there were times the dance floor was shaking throughout the reception due to the fact that sooo many people were on it. Thank you soo much for the excellent music and making our events truly memorable. We’ve alway been told the DJ can make or break the event…we can whole heartedly say that you MADE our event. Thanks again!!!!

Koushal and Nima

Hey Rocky,
Great job on DJing for our St Patrick’s Day wedding & reception, Rocky. Camanh and I were very pleased with how the entire day went. Family and guests all had a good time. Your personable touch in getting to know not only us but our parents is a main value add we liked. Keep rocking and we look forward to seeing you at future events.

Dear Rocky,

I had the opportunity to work with you on 2 major events (Rachna Patel and Dr. Ajay Jain) wedding and reception. You did an outstanding job to entertain all the guests and got the dancing floor moving from 9:30 pm all the way till 2 am. Guests were enjoying dancing and we could have been there till 4 am. Rocky you were the rock!

Thanks and looking forward to work with you on future events.

Best wishes,
Brij Kathuria

Dear Rocky – I’m so grateful that you were there for our fund raiser benefiting Shadhika.  The energy, love, and heart that you brought to our fund raiser was instrumental in helping us raise the energy of our event and raise funds for the vulnerable women of India.   You were so warm and wonderful and so full of support for our purpose. and the energy you brought helped us reach our goal.  You brought a room full of older people and younger people to the dance floor and gave us all a night to remember.  Best of all, you did this all in service of the girls and gave your time and energy for that purpose.  
Hope to have you bring your passion and art for all our important events going forward! God bless you – you have planted the seeds of good karma.

Rocky thank you for the job well done in the sangeet, ceremony and the reception. You were so easy to work with and u made sure everything was how we wanted it. I’ve heard the baraat was one of the better ones that some have gone to. You really know how to hype up the crowd!!!

Thanks again


Rocky, you did an amazing job!!! You are an extremely talented DJ. The music you were playing was incredible. I love the fusion btw American and Indian. This is one of the main reasons why the party was such a success. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Take care,
Please make note of my recent e-mail change!
I can now be reached at lenny@atmameritech.net

Lenny Motwani
ATM Ameritech, LLC


Thanks so much! You were absolutely amazing. The sangeet was the best night of my life and alot of the credit goes to you for dealing with my crazy program and making sure the party was crazy!! You are so awesome! People have been asking for DJ recs so I’ve been saying you obviously–can I give your email?
Let me know!!
Thanks again, you are so awesome!!!!