Premium Sound Systems

How good is DJ Rocky’s Sound? It’s just what high end celebrations demand: crystal clear sound and an ability to fill every corner of your hall without killing conversation. It’s so good that it can accompany your baraat with the rich Bollywood and Bhangra music you love, and still be clearly heard despite the competing outdoors’ noise.

LED Lighting

Celebrations are enhanced by atmosphere. We can transform any space into a hotbed of celebration and life.

Our high end LED lights are state-of-the-art and can enhance virtually any atmosphere you are trying to create.

Call us to hear more about what we can do with lights.

Dhol & Tabla players

Live drumming simply electrifies any event. It is absorbed into your being, almost without your awareness, and creates excitement and movement. Just watch your guests try to stay in their seats! It won't happen. What a perfect complement to DJ Rocky’s smooth DJing and MCing.

Pro LED DJ Booth

Our LED DJ booths do not yell, "Look at me", but they add to your decor and atmosphere in a very elegant and upscale way. They create an area of soft (or energetic) light than actually enhances your event.

Another reason to call DJ Rocky!

Best Mobile Baraat

Who needs to ride a mighty mare when our mobile baraat is mightier and more fun (and cleaner!). Make your baraat better. Call DJ Rocky.